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  • Fri 11.04.22 | 7:00 pm

    If you are feeling lonely, under appreciated, and that no one sees all of your struggle and effort… you’re not alone.

    Everyone who has ever loved you is cheering you on and sending you love from the other side. I promise the universe has your back.

    You are so freaking loved!

    #LoveNotLost #ReminderOfTheDay #YouAreLoved

  • Wed 11.02.22 | 9:00 am

    Day of the Dead and All Souls Day is a great day to remember that death is not the enemy. Death is a part of life and it will happen to all of us… the real enemy is actually disconnection.

    When facing loss, we often want to disconnect from ourselves and each other. The disconnection happens for the relationships we “lost” too. We wish we could wrap our arms around our loved ones, and we can’t. We feel disconnected from the world that keeps on spinning as our own world comes crumbling down in the raw grief. And even though we feel as if we are all alone and our people are lost forever, they are on the other side of our breath, still loving us in another form.

    On this day, we intentionally connect with our loved ones who have died. We talk to them. We pray (if praying is your thing). We remember. We connect with the love shared with them that still lives within our hearts. What do you do to honor your loved ones who have died today?

    #LoveNotLost #Disconnection #GriefJourney #Loss #Death #AllSoulsDay #Remember #Connect #DayoftheDead

  • Mon 10.31.22 | 9:30 am

    Halloween can be a really hard time for people who have lost loved ones to traumatic accidents and events. Costumes and themes can be triggering, so if you’re in that place, we just want you to know it’s okay to unplug and be a hermit for #Halloween. We are sending you so much love as you listen to your body, care for yourself, and heal. #LoveNotLost

  • Thu 10.27.22 | 8:00 pm

    The Light After Loss Remember Walk is completely free to participate—and you can walk from wherever you are!

    For some, it’s the only safe space they have to talk about a loved one who has died. For others, it can be an incredible learning opportunity and way to support others. Last year, we had an amazing group of young boys from the UK walk with their dads and troop leader to ask questions and share stories surrounding loved ones who have died.

    This year, we expect even more families and friends to join in! If you want to honor someone you’ve lost by paying it forward to help other families, you can start a fundraising page or even a team. The bonus of starting a fundraiser is you get fun perks along the way. For example, when you hit $30, you’ll get an awesome fun pack shipped to you to assist you on your walk complete with lights, glow sticks, helpful question cards, and more!

    #LightAfterLoss #LoveNotLost #SafeSpace #MemoriesMatter #Remembering #GriefandLoss

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