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All about YOU.


We believe your brand is a reflection of how the world sees you. Let us help you create a clear and consistent message that will impact your growth through:

  • – Story Discovery Workshops
  • – Strategic Marketing
  • – Defined Road Map
  • – Visual Identity
  • – Logo Design
  • – Brand Guide Creation
  • – Strategy
Your voice.

Marketing + Media + Analytics

You need more than a strong voice and a pretty face, and putting creative content in front of people just isn't enough. You need data to show you how to drive your strategic business decisions. We can give you the power you need at your fingertips and will customize an Analytics Dashboard to track your growth, success, and the ROI on all the services we provide.

  • – Social Marketing
  • – Paid Advertising 
  • – Digital Marketing
  • – Content Marketing
  • – Email Marketing & Campaigns
  • – Custom Dashboards
  • – Deep Dive Analytics
  • – Reporting
  • – SEO
Creating the vision.


We want to unlock your vision and change the world through how people experience it. Our team is made up of some seriously talented people who are determined to create innovative ways that best represent you, your mission, and values.

  • – Graphic Design
  • – Print Collateral I Design
  • – Packaging Design
  • – UX/UI Design
  • – Illustration
  • – Animation
  • – Multi-media Campaigns
  • – Video Edits
  • – Direct Mail
Connection and growth.

Events & Experiences

Events are your mission in action, and help drive revenue, expand awareness, and connect you to your community of supporters. There are blah events, and then there are our out-of-the-box events and experiences. We love giving you the red carpet treatment for an event people will be talking about for years.

  • – Live
  • – Planning
  • – Production
  • – Management
  • – Logistics
  • – Storytelling
  • – Fundraisers
  • – Tournaments
  • – 30+ Years Experience
Enrique Alvarez Managing Director at Vector Global Logistics
Raul Hiteshew Co-Founder of HiveFit
Tracy Arntzen President and Co-Founder of Saving Susan Ministry
Joel Manby Speaker

“Working with Jim Vinyard and his team at VCG is easy. Jim has taken the time to get to personally know me, my business and my team. I am thankful to have met Jim and I can confidently say that VCG has challenged us to look at marketing with a different light. VCG has made our company better. I would strongly recommend VCG to anyone looking for a long term partnership.”

“Working with the VCG team has been beyond amazing. We have a full team in place and everyone works synergistically, the overall look and functionality of my company continues to improve as we go. It also feels like VCG has taken a load off our shoulders by having a team we can trust, giving us time to focus on what we do best—formulate and produce the healthiest all-natural supplements in the world.”

“Thank you doesn’t really express our gratitude towards the entire VCG Team and the role you played in our 3rd Annual Tennis for Susan! What I appreciate most was the approach and creativity of your entire team. Each interaction was as if this was an EVENT owned by VCG. Your team's dedication to the success of our event came through every step of the way and it was such a positive experience having you with us every step of the way.”

"I worked with VCG from the beginning to build a brand for digital marketing and social media presence. They led the charge to upgrade our color scheme, logo, photography, and website construction. The team also designed and implemented a social media construct that greatly expanded followership and exposure. I wanted a boutique firm with a balance of seasoned veterans along with newer bright talent who exudes enthusiasm, and was willing to explore, 'what if?' while meeting my unique needs. The team is highly responsive, passionate and great to work with."

If you're committed and do good in the world, we want to work with you.

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