Event I Graphic Design

SMART Technologies has been a valued client with whom we’ve collaborated for numerous years. Our role involves fulfilling their daily graphic design requirements and offering support for event designs. Through our partnership with SMART, we’ve gained substantial insights, from leveraging the potential of tools like Canva to crafting tradeshow booths. Working alongside their team has provided us with invaluable exposure to corporate project management infrastructure.

Over the years of our collaboration with SMART, we’ve witnessed their evolution through several brand updates, as any forward-thinking business would pursue to remain current with trends. Let’s begin by revisiting one of our initial projects with SMART in 2021, dubbed “The Sticker One-Pager.” This engaging project saw us partnering with the Creative Director to design physical stickers accompanied by a printable version

In 2024, our collaboration with SMART has evolved to produce projects like the “Accessibility Brochure.” Reflecting a sleeker, more modern iteration of their branding, it exemplifies the ability to seamlessly adapt to evolving brand identities.

Working with SMART involves more than just designing printables; we engage in a variety of projects. For instance, collaborating with their event team to bring booths to life. Take, for example, the booth we worked on together for the BETT conference. We even had the opportunity to assist in designing the vending machine!

We also created print and digital assets for their events. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of working on another enjoyable project: crafting SMART partnership badges. Initially, we were pleased with the mockup designs. However, after collaborating with the SMART team and undergoing refinements, we arrived at a final design that harmonized seamlessly with other badge designs in the workplace.