Social Media I Branding

Golden Key International Honor Society was among my first clients. Initially, I was tasked with editing and publishing their webinar videos on their Academy website. Gradually, I expanded my role to include graphic design tasks in collaboration with their Chief of Marketing. This involved creating graphics for Summit handbooks, Zoom backgrounds, web graphics, rebranded video thumbnails, and various other projects.

The GKA Guide, a 23-page manual designed for Golden Key Academy members, offers valuable job acquisition strategies and tips. This manual is an example of the types of printables I have developed for Golden Key, incorporating their brand to visually enhance the reader’s experience and encourage them to delve into the informative content.

Other examples of printables include member guides and worksheet handbooks.

I had considerable artistic freedom with a particular project: updating the branding of the webinar video thumbnails. The previous thumbnails lacked a modern appearance and were missing the necessary headshots of speakers to attract viewers to click on the video.