James Vinyard


Welcome to my portfolio where you will see some highlights of my work since becoming a full-time graphic designer in 2020. Currently, I am the Creative Director at Vinyard Creative Group, which I co-founded with my dad. As a creative designer, my main focus lies in creating templates and styles that effectively serve our clients’ media networks and leading my team to utilize these resources. Additionally, I handle the design aspects of printables, brand guides, logos, and UX/UI work for our agency.

In addition to our agency projects, I have had the privilege of working with notable clients such as SMART Technology, Golden Key International Honour Society, and Event Concept Design Partners, alongside numerous smaller clients. I am passionate about collaborating with clients who share the vision of creating a better world. With that, each client brings unique requirements and preferences, which allows me to showcase my flexibility in adapting to various branding styles and working at different paces. My commitment lies in delivering high-quality projects with out-of-box ideas at the utmost efficiency.

If you would like to explore more about my background and experience, I invite you to take a look at my resume.

EMAIL: james@vinyardcreative.com


If you're committed to making an impact,
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