James Vinyard Portfolio


Welcome to James Vinyard’s portfolio where you will see some highlights of my work since becoming a full-time graphic designer in 2020. Currently, I am the Creative Director at my family marketing agency, Vinyard Creative Group, which I co-founded with my dad. As a creative designer, my main focus lies in creating templates and styles that effectively serve our clients’ media networks and leading my team to utilize these resources. Additionally, I handle the design aspects of printables, brand guides, logos, and UX/UI work for our agency.

In addition to our agency projects, I have had the privilege of working with notable clients such as SMART Technology, Golden Key International Honour Society, and Global Events Agency, alongside numerous smaller clients. I am passionate about collaborating with clients who share the vision of creating a better world. With that, each client brings unique requirements and preferences, which allows me to showcase my flexibility in adapting to various branding styles and working at different paces. My commitment lies in delivering high-quality projects with out-of-box ideas at the utmost efficiency.

If you would like to explore more about my background and experience, I invite you to take a look at my resume.


I am currently working with a newer client, AL-Tru, to help launch their non-profit. The mission of AL-Tru is to recognize individuals within the non-profit sector who inspire others through their selfless actions, fostering a culture of appreciation and altruism that leads to positive societal change. To emphasize the celebratory nature of their mission, I developed a vibrant branding strategy that incorporates bright colors and lively personalities into their brand identity.

Icebox Skin, a product of Icebox Corp., embodies a seamless fusion of sleekness and natural aesthetics. As the creator of the brand, my vision was to capture a serene and refreshing sensation, blending a cool and soothing touch with an authentic connection to nature.

Another non-profit organization that approached me for assistance with their launch is Zero Seconds. Their unique concept revolves around addressing the issue of fathers not having enough time to spend with their children. Zero Seconds aims to bridge this gap by organizing various events, hangouts, and trips that facilitate and promote quality time between fathers and their kids. To align with their mission, I infused an earthy and adventurous vibe into their branding, creating a cohesive identity.

Lumio was initially developed by SMART Technologies as an interactive tool for students and teachers. However, it has since evolved into an independent company through a partnership with SMART. As part of this transition, I was tasked with creating a brand guide using existing assets while incorporating the latest trends to reflect Lumio’s unique identity. Given its focus on fun and education, the entire brand is intentionally designed to evoke a playful and vibrant aesthetic, appealing to both children and adults.

Social Media Design 

Love Not Lost is an incredible non-profit that I work closely with to spread its mission of revolutionizing the way we grieve in America. LNL started by photographing people facing a terminal diagnosis to capture beautiful memories for those they love. As they photographed more and more families, they kept hearing similar stories: sometimes they were the only ones showing up. Friends, family, and communities were disappearing leaving these grieving people feeling alone and abandoned by the ones they thought they could count on for support.

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When I initially joined Icebox Cryotherapy, it was a small cryotherapy spa. However, due to its rapid expansion, it has now become a renowned franchise with 18 locations nationwide and an additional 7 under construction. During my time there, I played a significant role in promoting their diverse range of services, including red light therapy, cryotherma, and more, through various social media platforms. Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute to the successful launch of their skincare line, Icebox Skin.

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My parent agency has worked with Mullen’s Miracles for a few years now, but since December 2022 I have been the curator for all social media designs in an effort to push past the plateau. MM has an awesome mission of assisting in suicide prevention and creating a safe learning community of hope while providing resources and programs to those suffering from the impact of suicide. 

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I joined forces with Deke in November 2022, when he already had a modest personal following. However, his ambition was to significantly grow his podcast, ‘The Change Maker’ which thrives to bring political unity through leadership development. As part of my role, I took charge of designing all the templates utilized by our team. Although the majority of the posts are still crafted by me personally. 

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If you're committed to doing good in the world, I would love to work with you.